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    Some of my accomplishments as director of
merchandising at Spec's Music and Video
included several new store openings throughout
Florida. I would design, coordinate fixturing and
layouts for new stores. The Sawgrass Mills store
in Sunrise Florida and Puerto Rico were some of
my high points. New concepts, signage
packages and working with graphic and sign
companies were also part of my responsibilities.
 My work began with Specs as a manager of a
Melbourne Fl store then transferred to Specs at
Winter Park, Fl. I was promoted to Spec's Music
and Video Corporate Headquarters to set up a
uniform look to the Florida based
chain. I was released of my position in
preparation of the  purchase of the company by
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Spec's Music was a South
Florida-based retail music
and video rental chain
headquartered in Miami. At
its height of popularity,
Spec's Music operated 49
stores, including
20,000-square-foot (1,900
m2) "superstores" in Miami
Beach, West Palm Beach,
and Sunrise. The company's
stores were located in malls,
strip centers, and
free-standing locations
throughout Florida. Four of
the company's stores were
located in malls in Puerto